Comparation between China and Malaysia

Comparation between China and Malaysia

China's property market in the "continued severe control policy" now become low inventory, and low turnover market situation; however, overseas property is quite good .Especially Malaysia's real estate. The majority of real estate developers expect the real estate prices will continue to rise, and become one of the world's hottest real estate market.

1. Loan rate

Malaysia real estate loan rates at around 4%, while domestic is floating at about 6%.

2. Residential land

Majority of Malaysia's real estate have permanent property rights, the other small part of the property have 99 years; and in the domestic, as everyone knows, the property right of our country only 70 years, land does not belong to all people.

3. Rent Return

And compared with the 2% rental rate, Malaysia is up to 5% - 6%, which is very considerable.

4. Housing area

Malaysia's housing area is defined as the area inside the house,While China is a building area,this make them have a big difference.

5. Policy regulation Malaysia's legal system is quite perfect, basically do not regulate real estate, but the current domestic real estate market is so weak,This year it announced that regulation policy will continue to be strict, totally no investment value.

6. Parking facilities

While buying a house in Malaysia, developers will be free at least one parking space. This is undoubtedly a great temptation to those who need to purchase their parking space interiorly

7. Loan

In Malaysia, the foreign buyers can obtain the highest property prices 80% loan; while in China, the second property down payment unless 60%, which make the investment become even harder.

8. Type of housing

Malaysia's real estate is bound, while the domestic sale of property mostly is blank room, the real occupancy also need a lot of renovation costs and a long wait.

9. Second hand property

Malaysia's second-hand housing market is more active, with higher investment value, while the domestic second-hand housing market is not active, most residents are keen to buy a new house.

10. Earnings growth

Buying a house in Malaysia, in addition to own stay, investment is definitely a big hot spot, and real estate's earnings growth can reach about 8~15%, suitable for long-term investment, and the current domestic real estate make no profit at all.

11. Investment type.

Foreign buyers in Malaysian can buy the property which is above 50 ringgit, while the domestic can only buy commercial housing.

12. Purchase quantity

In Malaysia, foreign home buyers have no restrictions on the purchase of residential; the domestic has implemented the restriction on buying.

Real estate design, pattern and development trend, to follow the footsteps of the times development. In recent years, Malaysia in the housing, particularly high-grade apartment design, pattern and supporting innovation, and the emergence of new trends. One part is a reference to Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, make the real estate become more and more competitive.