Service range

To buy our land, our team will supply” step by step guide service” to customer for land planning, design, approval, construction and related aspects of improving service. (Will not receive land planning consultant without buying with us)

Our customer

Our customers are mainly divided into two categories:

1 Personal investment, land of Malaysia, to engage in real estate development, our company will assist in the completion of all things in the development process, to help customers to develop smoothly to become developers successfully.

2 Large real estate development group, has been familiar with the development process and the matters needing attention, our company will take direct sales of land, and build a long-term cooperation.

Development process &customer service


The appointment of a land surveyor

Land and land boundary survey

Hand in overall land planning

Appointment planner

Preparation and application of project planning

Land plan preparation and Application


Ministry of Civil Affairs

The Ministry of public works

The fire department

The water supply sector

Development Department

Housing and development board

The water sector


Planning layout

The planning of road traffic

Planning of infrastructure


Architectural design and planning

Civil and structural engineer

Mechanical Engineer


The project cost and investigation

Project planning


All the plans by all departments

Advertisement approval

The sales process

The lawyer

Commissioned intermediary sales team

The bidding project construction

The appointment of project managers

The appointment of a building contractor

Submit the planning and design of all project details, for the construction companies bidding

Project development and construction process

Infrastructure construction

Road construction, construction of buildings

Interior design

Completion of the project

From the Consultant / architect and government departments have completed certificate

Others to the buyer's acceptance

Services details and steps:

With the familiar home (Beijing) real estate development as an example, in the process of real estate development in Malaysia, we will assist customers the following related departments (such as involved) in all size matters of the corresponding departments of Malaysia.

Step one: set up company

Real estate development company set up legal procedure

The establishment of a, the domestic real estate comprehensive development company

1, the company set up

2, apply for qualification approval rating

3, apply for the approval of the enterprise name in advance

4, for industrial and commercial registration

5, the tax registration

The establishment of foreign investment in Real Estate Development Company

6, apply for approval of project proposals

7, handle the registration of enterprise names

8, for joint venture or cooperation contract, articles of Association

9, the approval certificate for enterprises with foreign investment

10, for enterprise registration

Taxes and fees related to real estate Development Company set up stage

1, the enterprise legal person business registration fee

2, enterprise legal person registration fee changes

3, corporate annual inspection fee

4, repair, change, as the fee of license

Step two: purpose of development:

The legal procedure of real estate development project and feasibility study stage

1, the selected project, signed a letter of intent

preliminary determine the development plan

3, to declare the planning points

4, the declaration, examination and approval of the project proposals

5, the preparation of project feasibility study report

6, the declaration, examination and approval of the project feasibility study report

Taxes and fees related to real estate development project proposal and feasibility

study stage

1, the feasibility study fee

2, construction project planning permit license fee

STEP 3: Design of development:

The law program planning and municipal matching stage of the real estate development project

Planning design, real estate development project

1, to declare the site location

2, to declare the planning design conditions

3, commissioned planning and design

4, for the civil audit

5, for the fire control examination

6, approval of planning and design

The expert group review 7, residential design

8, the implementation of environmental protection "three wastes" treatment scheme

9, commissioned by the environmental impact assessment and approval

10, construction engineering bidding, bidding

11, commissioned by the geological exploration

12, commissioned by the preliminary design

13, the declaration, approval of preliminary design

The real estate development projects of municipal facilities

14, the Department in charge of the examination opinions solicited

15, the implementation of supporting scheme of municipal public facilities

16, reported municipal matching scheme

17, the municipal management department of the municipal facilities.

18, the comprehensive municipal pipeline

Taxes and fees related to real estate development project planning and municipal matching stage

1, engineering survey (measurement) fee

2, engineering design fees

3, construction project planning permit license fee

4, the completion of the file security

5, temporary land use fee

6, temporary construction fee

7, the construction survey management fees bidding

The 8 survey and design fees, supervision and management

Design fee of 9, ancient garden project